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I couldn’t believe completely but no choice so that I bought this service, then amazing 30 minutes and unlocked! Happy with service.
Melanie Johnson
I ordered a code to unlock my phone and it was very simple and quick. I followed the instructions sent to me, punched in the code on the key board and my phone ( HTC one8) was unlocked. That easy and also I might add much cheaper then my carrier wanted to charge me to unlock my phone. Thanks UnlockRadar! Will definitely recommend you.
Christian Resse
Worked just as it was shown on the website. A couple days after my order I got the code and bang! My AT&T locked S6 worked for Tmobile. Thanks
Schneider W
We were skeptical about using this site but the code worked on the first try. Thank you for helping get our phone unlocked to use with another cell phone carrier. We are very happy with the results and have not had any problems with the phone after we unlocked. The only worry we had was the code took a few days to receive, but as when we did receive the code we just entered it into the phone and all was good. We had a working cell phone and able to use it on the pay as you go carrier of our choice and not locked to the original carrier the phone was locked with. Thanks again for making it possible to use a cell phone with another cell phone carrier.
Coy Leae
Had tried another before these guys. I was told they had to look at alternate database and it would take 2 days. I got a refund. Tried unlockradar and had a working code in 15 minutes. I highly recommend.
Scott M
I looked around and they were the cheapest by far. on the other hand, I received my key in 24 hours and it worked perfectly. that is all that needs to be said thank you.
Zimmer Manje
Unlocked my att Galaxy s5 no problem. Got the code in less than 24 hours and the rates are outstanding. Returned my email tech question in less than five minutes. Took 90 seconds to unlock and everything worked flawlessly. Thanks so much!
Amaris Dowd
I got the unlock code for my LG in less than 2 hours. I worked right away, everything was explained simply. It was really easy. I will definitely use UnlockRadar again if I need a phone unlocked.
Jane Mayers
By more than 679 happy customers
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